Confidentiality Policy


All staff and volunteers of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Portage la Prairie are required to abide by this Confidentiality Policy.  Any breach of this policy will be considered grounds for termination.


Agency Service Delivery Staff will explain the confidential nature of our service to the volunteer, child and parent/guardian as early as possible in the orientation and/or screening process.  At all times, thereafter, Service Delivery Staff will ensure the privacy of case information.


Information contained in the casework files will not be disclosed by the Agency to any person without written approval of said person except in the following cases:

  • Where the safety of the child depends upon divulging this information. This could include suspicion of neglect or abuse of a child.  The proper authorities will be informed when necessary, which could result in the disclosure of confidential information without written consent from the person.
  • When subpoenaed by the courts;
  • Where required by law.


In the event that confidential information is requested to support a custody or access application, for any court matter other than a “child protection” case, the agency will only release the information if required to do so by a judge’s order.


No staff member or volunteer shall use confidential information from the agency to advance any personal interest, financial or otherwise.


In accordance with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada’s National Standards:

  • No information will be provided to persons or organizations outside of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, and its agents, about parents, children or volunteers without their express prior written consent except where required by law:
  • All information and records, including electronic records, shall be secure (for example, in a filing cabinet, desk, etc. under lock and key, password protected, etc.) and confidential at all times.


Case records will be accessible only to the Caseworker, Executive Director, and in the appropriate situations other caseworkers.